Introducing Aria, a new Social Recognition Solution for
Mid-Enterprise Businesses

We’ve listened, and it’s time that your organization has access to a robust, innovative and affordable employee recognition solution that works for your mid-enterprise business.


With Aria, you can spend just one dollar per day per employee to reward, recognize and celebrate their hard work.

Built upon the same foundation as our award-winning Maestro software, Aria is perfectly configurable to the needs of mid-enterprise organizations with an employee  community of greater than 2,000.

In today’s unprecedented times, Aria is a 'pitch-perfect' solution designed to increase employee satisfaction, strengthen team relationships and build a harmonious culture of celebration.

As organizations face talent shortages amidst the looming Great Resignation, the lifeline of our economy, our mid-enterprise businesses, have been the hardest hit. Aria is the solution to retaining a happy workforce, one that feels empowered, engaged and appreciated.


A first of its kind for mid-enterprise companies, Aria offers team members social recognition tools to strengthen the bond between managers and their teams; and the relationship between employees and their companies.

Aria includes:

  • Social recognition
  • On-the-Spot awards
  • Milestone and life event celebrations
  • Sales incentives and performance management

Within an award-winning SaaS platform complete with industry leading business intelligence and reporting, as well as a comprehensive storefront.