Are You Neglecting Women in the Workforce?

3 Things You're Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them


The 2020 pandemic brought about sweeping changes across businesses everywhere. Remote work became the standard, and many companies emphasized the importance of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Many businesses laid off workers or shut down completely, but many employees willingly left their jobs in an event known as the Great Resignation. And of those who resigned, over two million were women.

With so many women leaving the workforce, we can’t help but ask: are we to blame? What role have we played in their quitting? While many organizations handled the COVID pandemic relatively well, others saw employees—particularly women—leave in droves due to their lack of flexibility, empathy, and recognition and letting culture fall by the wayside. Are you the latter? If so, you may be the problem.

Let’s explore why so many women have left the workforce, how you're contributing, and what you can do to keep women in your workplace.

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